PGIM Real Estate Global Outlook: Striking the right portfolio balance late in the cycle

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$PRU–Elevated global real estate pricing continues to be supported by low interest rates and there are still reasons to be optimistic about the outlook for income growth, according to PGIM Real Estate’s 2019 Global Outlook. PGIM Real Estate is the real estate investment business of PGIM, the $1 trillion global investment management businesses of Prudential Financial, Inc. (NYSE:PRU).

The midyear investment research paper identifies themes and assesses opportunities in an environment where the prospect of a downturn almost appears to have been factored in as an inevitability, and sentiment is under pressure from weaker news on global economic growth.

“The challenge for investors in the current environment is striking the right balance between taking on risk to capitalize on late-cycle growth opportunities and investing in strategies that offer greater downside protection against falling values,” said Dr. Peter Hayes, global head of investment research, PGIM Real Estate. “Downside protection can be achieved not only by investing in debt, but also in lower volatility sectors such as residential.”

According to PGIM Real Estate’s report, current global investment opportunities fall into the following categories:

  • Late-cycle growth opportunities that are primarily linked to ongoing cyclical momentum and low supply growth;
  • Structural trends, including demographic shifts that support demand in the low-volatility residential sector and boost income growth potential in sectors such as senior housing;
  • Debt strategies that offer downside protection and are benefiting from a growing opportunity set, notably in Europe and the United States.

“The rise of debt investing is a trend that has been consistent across regions,” Dr. Hayes said. “Interest in real estate debt strategies is growing both as a response to a regulatory-driven opportunity that has arisen and as an effective way for investors to protect capital against downside risks. Capital is also being attracted from traditional fixed income investors looking for enhanced return potential.”

In each region, PGIM Real Estate has assessed current conditions, looked at how the cycle is going to play out, and identified investment opportunities that strike the right balance between protecting against risks and generating returns.

  • Americas: The current U.S. cycle is the longest on record. While there are some reasons to be cautious, occupier momentum is positive, and investors remain active. Returns have slowed but the outlook is supported by the contained supply cycle and steady rental growth. Sunbelt markets are benefiting from favorable demographic trends, while investors are looking to non-core sectors such as senior housing for income growth potential. Debt strategies could offer diversification and downside protection potential.
  • Europe: While sentiment indicators have weakened and slowing yield compression is weighing on returns, capital is still targeting major European real estate markets. Low supply growth gives some cause for optimism about prospects for income growth. Late-cycle opportunities include low vacancy office markets and logistics, and the U.K. stands to perform well if Brexit uncertainty fades. For investors looking to reduce risk exposure, structural trends in the living sector and in debt strategies could offer an attractive route to achieving a balanced portfolio.
  • Asia-Pacific: Economic growth momentum has eased slightly on the back of trade tensions, but Asia-Pacific remains an attractive destination for global capital. While some occupier markets are reporting slower momentum, the region is diverse and there are still plenty of growth opportunities, including in the logistics sector, where vacancy is low. Returns are slowing but supply-constrained markets could offer further income growth potential, while living sector assets could benefit from favorable structural trends.

For more details, download the paper: PGIM Real Estate Global Outlook: Striking the Right Balance.

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1AUA equals $33.7 billion.

2Includes legacy lending through PGIM’s parent company, Prudential Financial, Inc.

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